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    The dogs of the Kiskadee Hills have flourished after humans destroyed themselves and much of the world...

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    She replied softly, as though talking to herself. “He has waited patiently for a long time, gathering strength. Now he’s ready.”

    He remembered the green looped eyes with the black gashes, the red tongue where the muzzle should have been, and the mist coming in closer and closer. “Ready for what?”

    She listened to the river as though the answer to his question was in the white rush of snowmelt below. How beautiful she is, he thought. Were all Ancients like her? And yet her body looked pinched and gaunt, her fur almost gossamer against the naked willow branches, and there was that scar below one eye.

    “Ready to put an end to you. To make dogs disappear, as we disappeared.” Her voice deepened. “Once it was wolves who flew up and down these hills, the greatest hunters that ever lived. No one ran faster or leaped longer. Our territory stretched across the valleys towards where the sun rises, and down the Flats all the way to the Great Water where the sun sets. The elk stampeded in fright at one glimpse of us. We were caring mothers and loyal fathers; we protected our young. And still we died.”

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The Dogs of Kiskadee Hills is a trilogy imagining a future world where humans are no longer masters, where they're hated and feared by dogs and wolves who have only bitter memories of past cruelty and enslavement.



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Learn about Eve Marko

Eve Marko is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. She has written mystery books and a biography of Clara Barton for young people. Eve is a prolific blog writer on several topics near and dear and hope you'll take a moment to visit and read.

A Zen teacher and social activist, she has written articles for Tikkun Magazine and Lion’s Roar (formerly Shambhala Sun). In addition to working on Land of the Gawls, the second volume of her Dogs trilogy, she is also preparing a collection of Zen koans for modern practitioners entitled The Book of Householder Koans.

“When I was a young girl my dream was to be a hermit, live alone, and write serious literature. That’s not how things turned out. I got involved with people; I got involved in the world. Two things matter to me right now: the creative spark and the aliveness of personal connection. In some way, they both come down to the same thing.”